• My name is Szilard Janko - 29 years old -  Living in South Florida - Underwater Photographer / Videographer - FAA Certified Drone Pilot - FL Ocean Rescue Lifeguard - F.I.I. Freediver - Shark Diver - Surfer - Promoting Ocean Conservation

   • My favorite subjects to capture are the human interactions with nature in the underwater world. Anything from a person swimming next to sharks, freediving beautiful coral reefs, or exploring fresh water springs. By showing a person swimming in these different environments I try to bring the audience into the underwater world with the hope that they can begin to have a better understanding of it. We only care to protect the things that we can relate to and there is a large disconnect between the underwater world and most of the human race. Without healthy oceans nobody would be able to live the lives that they are currently used to. We all depend on the ocean in some way and we need all the help we can to bring awareness to protecting the amazing world that lives beneath the surface.

   • Inspiration for my images and videos comes from being able to ignite a curiosity in people to come experience and fall in love with the underwater world for their first time.

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Contact: szilardphotos@gmail.com

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